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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Judgements and Apatheia continued

     Continued: "The analysis of emotions and emotional behaviors in terms of judgments implies a strong position on moral responsibility. In this ethical system, the making of any judgment goes hand in hand with responsibility: people are held accountable for what they do insofar as they are reasoning beings, ones that possess concepts, make judgments, and act on the basis of linguistically formulable reasons. Not every creature is capable of acting responsibly: subrational animals, very young children, and the mentally impaired are not, and accordingly these are not accountable for the feelings they have either. But the full-scale affective responses of mature, unimpaired human beings are 'up to us' in exactly the same way as our actions are up to us: we do have reasons for them, even if we are not always fully aware of what those reasons are."

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