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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stoic Routine - Evening (from "The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy")

     From Donald Robertson's The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, more daily routines constructed as a modern approximation of the daily practice of Stoic philosophers:


1. Retrospection
     1.1. Mentally review the whole of the preceding day three times from beginning to end, and even the days before if necessary.
     1.1.1. Ask yourself what mistakes you made and condemn (not yourself but) what actions you did badly; do so in a moderate and rational manner.
     1.1.2. Ask yourself what virtue, that is, what strength or wisdom you showed, and sincerely praise yourself for what you did well.
     1.1.3. Ask yourself what could be done better, that is, what you should do instead next time if a similar situation occurs.
2. Relaxation
     2.1. Adopt an attitude of contentment and satisfaction with the day behind you. (As if you could die pleased with your life so far.) Relax your body and calm your mind so that your sleep is as tranquil and composed as possible; the preceding exercise will help you achieve a sense of satisfaction and also tire your mind."

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