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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seneca on reading many books . . .

     A passage found in Seneca's 2nd letter to Lucilius:

     "Aliquid cotidie adversus paupertatem, aliquid adversus mortem auxilii compara, nec minus adversus ceteras pestes; et cum multa percurreris, unum excerpe, quod illo die concoquas. Hoc ipse quoque facio; ex pluribus, quae legi, aliquid adprehendo."

     "Each day acquire something of help against poverty, something of help against death, no less against other plagues; and when you will have run through many such things, choose one that on that day you will thoroughly digest. This I myself do as well; out of very many things which I read, I claim something for myself."

Sage advice!

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